Sony DDM-2800 Tube Replacement

Sony DDM-2800 Tube Replacement

Thruput LCD-32SF3A is a direct replacement for:

SONY part number: 735-025-93 CRT-32SF3-A1/A2/RTNS/SRTNS


NATO STOCK NUMBER:  5690-01-495-0859


Key features

  • Plug and play replacement for all versions of Sony DDM-2800 tube.
  • Restores original colours, contrast and brightness.
  • Low power, less than 20% of the running cost of the original Sony DDM CRT.
  • Low heat, reduces cooling requirements for the operations room by up to 80%.
  • No realignment required for azimuth positioning.
  • Low voltage operation.
  • No training required.
  • Ultra-high reliability.