High-resolution displays for use in applications with the following requirements:

  • Clarity
  • Ultra-high reliability
  • Minimum heat & power
  • Silent
  • 4K x 2K 40″ to 85″
  • 2K x 2K 28″
  • 4K x 2K, High Bright, Touch screen


Video and radar data capture:

  • NEW!… 4Kx2K DisplayPort recorder
  • True lossless recording.
  • Fully scalable: 1 to unlimited channels
  • High reliability and Failsafe
  • Minimum heat & power
  • Support multi-redundant storage
  • Incident investigation tools.

Video Processing

Video processing components that enable these functions on data streams:

  • Combine
  • Convert
  • Render
  • Rotate
  • Simulate

Radar Processing

Radar processing components that enable these functions on data streams:

  • Calibrate
  • Combine
  • Concentrate
  • Convert Serial/LAN/Serial
  • Render
  • Split touch screens

Clutter Processing

Clutter processing components are based on real time logic to meet the high integrity required. The methods used for clutter mitigation are clearly definable, fast, efficient, logical and clear-cut supporting a robust safety case. The Capabilities include:

  • Analogue radar mitigation.
  • Digital radar mitigation
  • Infill radar integration.

Console Management

Custom console switching solutions that are:

  • Fully scalable: 1 to unlimited channels.
  • Support 4K x 2K resolution, without any loss, delay or degradation
  • Support any combinations of video audio and data channels.
  • Support data combination & integration between systems with different data sets or different security levels.