Thruput manufacture video and radar data capture systems that are logic devices and do not contain computational processors. By virtue of this, the methods used are extremely fast, highly efficient, logical and clear-cut. Of particular benefit in the construction of a robust safety case for the system are:


  • Fully scalable architecture from 1 to unlimited channels.
  • Non-intrusive, failsafe video capture.
  • Non-nstrusive, failsafe audio capture.
  • High reliability.
  • Minimum heat output.
  • Minimum power consumption.
  • Silent operation.
  • Supports multi-redundant storage with unlimited duration.
  • Cyber-security solution includes CIS benchmarks IG2 and SNMP V3.
  • Real-time remote viewing of any source (direct from LAN).

Audio capture

  • Analogue sources.
  • Non-intrusive, failsafe capture.
  • Multi-redundant Power supply.
  • No impact on the systems being recorded
  • Ultra-low heat and power.

Video capture

  • DisplayPort and DVI models for all resolutions up to 4096 x 2160.
  • All video formats and resolutions can be captured and recorded.
  • DVI recording features benign failure modes, no impact on display screen from loss of power or communications.
  • Remote Towers – true loss-less capture of full motion camera data with overlaid graphics.

Radar capture

  • Data format convertor: For each inbound radar data stream, the unit will unwrap and reformat each packet of data. The device supports:
    • Serial to LAN conversion.
    • LAN to Serial conversion.
  • Data concentrator: Multiple inbound radar data streams can be concentrated onto a single LAN or serial output, whilst maintaining channel identity.

HID capture – Mouse, Keyboard and Touchscreen

  • Records all HID events, including Mouse, Keyboard and Touchscreen inputs.
  • Data replayed in synchronization with audio and video channels.
  • Non-intrusive.


Recording Equipment

Function Type Max H res Max V res Model
DisplayPort Video DP 1.2 4096 2160 GF SENT TX DP 1.2
DP 1.1 2560 2160 GF SENT TX DP 1.1
DP 1.0 1920 1200 GF SENT TX DP 1.0
Failsafe DP splitter 4096 2160 GF VTCT-RA
HDMI 2.0 to DP 1.2 format converter 3840 2160 GF VMAX VI
DVI to DP format converter 2560 2048 GF VMAX IV
DVI to HDMI format converter 2560 2048 GF VMAX IV HDMI
DVI Video Quad HD 3840 2160 GF SENT TX 4K x 2K
DVI DL (dual-link) 2560 2160 GF SENT TX DVI DL
DVI I (integrated) DVI: 1920
VGA: 1600
DVI DL failsafe splitter up to 2560 up to 2048 GF VTCT-PA
VGA failsafe splitter up to 1600 up to 1200 GF VTCT-PB
Remote Tower DisplayPort, all resolutions with 3840 2160 GF SENT TX DP 1.2
dedicated parameters for full motion video capture.
Radar Type Transmission Model
Serial to LAN
LAN to Serial
RS232 / 422 to LAN
LAN to RS232 / 422
RS232 serial I/O capture
Mouse, tracker-ball, keyboard or touch screen I/O capture RS232 output, for external conversion to LAN GF SENT SER BKBX
Audio capture
Analog audio Real-time capture and streaming over network, with support for: Smart Krone
24 channel modules RTP, VOIP, PCM16, PCM8, G711, A-law or mu-law. GF SENT SK24
Multi-channel, multi-format Synchronized audio, radar, database, and video replay Sentinel System
Real-time remote viewing Network distribution of video, lossless and in real-time Live View