Thruput Limited provides a complete in service support programme for all the Company’s products, and a managed obsolescence service for 3rd party systems to sustain their operational capability by the repair or replacement of in-service processor, data access and peripherals on legacy systems.


Suport service Description Model
Sony DDM Tube Replacement The Thruput LCD-32SF3A is a direct replacement for the SONY-2800 Cathode Ray Tube part number 735-025-93 CRT-32SF3-A1/A2/RTNS/SRTNS and NATO STOCK NUMBER 5690-01-495-0859. The LCD-32SF3A restores original colours, contrast and brightness and reduces power by over 80% (80 W vs 450 W) . LCD-32SF3A
Sony DDM Support Life extension through repairs, spares and upgrades, the full refurbishment and re-calibration to full operational performance, with re-certification to the original manufacturers specification. Sony DDM Support
Backlight Update Services The Backlight Update Service for 2048 x 2048 display screens, re-lifes the display and fully restores the original brightness levels with reduced power demand and heat output. The Service does not use any hazardous materials. It is fully RoHS compliant and includes the safe disposal of all the old CCL tubes in full accordance with the environmental standards of the UK. GF VTCT BUS
Legacy ATC Consoles For Legacy Air Traffic Control consoles, Thruput can extend the life of current software applications and their associated processors, by integrating several old displays onto a single modern screen. GF VT 16 MIDAS also enhances the visual presentation while reducing heat and noise. GF VT 16 MIDAS
DEC and Data General Hardware For legacy data processing, Thruput provide 3F (Form, Fit and Function) replacements to data access, processor and peripherals. The replacements utilise current generation hardware solutions to extend the life of current software applications, minimise ongoing support costs and avoid unscheduled downtime. GF DEC 01
Legacy replacement monitors For Legacy monitor systems, Thruput provide 3F (Form, Fit and Function) replacements using current generation hardware solutions which extend the life of current software applications and their associated processor hardware. Recent systems include: the 2K x 2k displays for Shannon ATC training centre and the AR 327 / T101 radar displays. GF VT 10
GF VT 03


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