Sentinel DisplayPort recorders use Truepixel™ Technology to provide high quality and high speed video recording for any resolution, able to capture the latest generation of 60 Hz 4096 x 2160 systems.


Key features

  • DP 1.2 recording, up to 4096 x 2160 resolution at 60 Hz
  • True lossless recording, optimized for 1-pixel wide features
  • Deterministic compression, with continuous quality monitoring
  • Dual redundant LAN communications
  • Multi-redundant Power supply
  • Real-time remote viewing of any source (direct from LAN).
  • Remote control via SNMP or TELNET


  • True record of ‘what the Controller actually saw’.
  • Fully Independant.
  • No common failure modes with system being recorded
  • Use with GF VTCT RA DPP cable for failsafe splitter mode.
  • Use with GF VTCT RA splitter for failsafe and hot swap mode.
  • No impact on the system being recorded.


Sentinel DisplayPort Recorder


Video Input: 1 x DP, Output: 1 x DP
1 x USB mini.
Networking 2 x RJ45 (dual redundant)

1000baseT Ethernet


SNMP Management

TELNET Support

Power Supply options. Dual power over Ethernet
Power over USB
5V external
Failsafe splitter mode via DP Device cable, with either DP to DP or mini-DP to DP connector support.
Physical Case: 12.5 x 10.3 x 2.6 cm
MTBF 191,000 hours (MIL HBK 217F)


Release and General Information: