Sentinel Live View

Sentinel Live View

Sentinel Live View enables real time data from any Sentinel recorder to be viewed remotely with perfect fidelity. The system reads Sentinel video data from LAN and renders each video in its own window, with point and click control over position, size and zoom level.


Key Features

  • Lossless video rendering process.
  • Renders live video from any number of Sentinel sources.
  • Independent of any recording process.
  • Reads data stream directly from LAN and renders on screen in real time.
  • Any video rendered anywhere at any size or zoom.
  • Every video may be rendered at 1:1 or scaled to fit any window or monitor size.
  • Video duplication, ideal for supervision, learning and simulation environments.



Above: Sentinel live view supports true pixel (1:1 viewing) as well as image scaling. An operational supervisor system with 60 channels of 2K x 2K data available is shown below.


Release and General Information: