Video Processing

Video Processing

Thruput manufacture high-resolution displays for use in applications with the following requirements.


  • High reliability
  • Minimum heat output
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Silent operation
  • Input to output path traceability
  • Compatibility with all known video formats and resolutions (includes 3840 x 2160)
  • Benign failure modes, no impact on host display screen from loss of power or communications

Video Processing Equipment

Function From To Product Model
Combine Up to 8 all 4K x 2K Up to 3 all 4K x 2K GF MIDAS II 4K VPU GF MIDAS II 4K
Up to 8 all 2K x 2K Up to 3 all 2K x 2K GF MIDAS II VPU GF MIDAS II
Embed 4 each 4K x 2K 2 (Clones) each 4K x 2K GF MIDAS IV VPU GF MIDAS IV
HDMI 2.0 DisplayPort (DP 1.2) Videomax VI GF VMAX VI
DVI (SL and DL) DisplayPort (DP 1.1) Videomax IV GF VMAX IV
DVI (SL and DL) HDMI 2.0 Videomax IV – HDMI option GF VMAX IV HDMI
Any DVI, any frequency Any DVI, any frequency Videomax II GF VTCT JA
2048 x 2048 VGA DVI Dual link Sentinel hi-res RGB to DVI portal GF ATOD 00
DP 1.2 LAN Sentinel DisplayPort 1.2 GF SENT TX DP
DVI Dual link LAN Sentinel DVI-DL GF SENT TX
DVI Single link LAN Sentinel DVI-I GF SENT TX LR
Render LAN Any video wall Sentinel Live View GF SENT LV
Rotate Landscape DVI-I Portrait DVI-I Videomax II GF VTCT JA
Simulate DVI-DL DVI dummy monitor GF VT DM
1 x DP 1.2 input 2 x DP 1.2 outputs Failsafe DP splitter GF VTCT-RA
1 x DVI DL input 2 x DVI DL outputs Failsafe DVI splitter GF VTCT-PA
1 x VGA input 1 x VGA & 1 x DVI I outputs Failsafe VGA splitter GF VTCT-PB

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