Simulation Display – DVI Dummy Monitor Dongle

Simulation Display – DVI Dummy Monitor Dongle

The Thruput DVI Dummy Monitor Dongle provides a unique solution for remote computer management. A common problem when connecting remotely to a machine is the need for the graphics card to recognise a monitor connection. Thruput has the solution with a small DVI dongle that can emulate any resolution. The advantage is clear – the machine never loses the DVI link and even over-size monitors can be transmitted over technologies such as Real VNC.


Simulation Display – DVI Dummy Monitor Dongle


  • Fully VESA compliant that enables the creation of monitor visuals on any Desktop or Server.
  • The device is fully compatible with all remote viewing and control applications.
  • Fool any DVI graphics card to believe a monitor is connected to the machine.
  • Can act as a dummy 2nd monitor for dual monitor access.
  • Emulate multiple monitors plugged into a Virtulization system.

Common Problem’s

Q1 – Unable to connect remotely(VNC, NX and ssh) via DVI to a machine without a monitor?
Q2 – How to fool a graphics card two monitors are connected?
Q2 – How to emulate multiple monitors connected to a Virtulization system?



Using Thruput’s DVI Dummy Monitor Dongle as a replacement for the monitor, it offers instant plug and play results and will enable you to gain dual monitor access or remote computer access. Thurput’s dongle creates EDID tables for all resolutions up to 2048×2048 or 2560×1600, is compliant with all VESA standards and doesnt require a power supply.

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