28″ 2048 x 2048 Display and Touch screen

28″ 2048 x 2048 Display and Touch screen

Thruput 28″ 2048 x 2048 Monitors are fully operational at ATC units worldwide. The Key features are:


TruePixel™ technology

  • Ensures the absolute accuracy of the display.
  • Every pixel from the graphics source is mapped to a physical pixel without internal firmware manipulation.
  • The data received is exactly the data displayed.


  • Sony DDM-2800 Tube replacement (P/N LCD-32SF3A).
  • Digital input (P/N GF VT 03 CB).
  • Digital and Analogue inputs, including Sony DDM interface (P/N GF VT 03 BA).
  • Dual independent video channel processing, enables optimal pre-setting of main and alternate video channels.

Touch screen

  • Full 2048 x 2048 touch screen resolution using PCT technology (P/N GF VT 03 TS).
  • Passive touch stylus or finger inputs.
  • Configurable signal format to replace any legacy touch system (such as IR or sonic).
  • GP9 Sonic Digitizer replacement.
  • External key pad to replicate off screen sonic digitizer functions.


  • Multiple controllable backlights with long operational life, typically 50,000 hours to 50% brightness.
  • Silent operation with no cooling fans.
  • Low parts count, typically half the components of any other 2kx2k monitor.
  • Straightforward maintenance using Field Replaceable Units.


Above: Thruput 28″ 2K x 2K touchscreen is a direct replacement for a Sony DDM with GP9 Sonic Digitizer.

Below: Thruput 28″ 2K x 2K displays are deployed at operational ATC and training units worldwide.


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