The EUROCONTROL CIMACT system provides ATC co-ordination between Civil ATC, Military ATC and Air Defence CRC units. CIMACT is in operational use at German, French, Belgium, Dutch, Norwegian, Turkish, Polish and other NATO Air Defence units, including the new Co-operative Airspace Initiative (CAI) Data Co-ordination Centre in Warsaw.



The System has been developed (and is owned by) Eurocontrol on behalf of its Member States. CIMACT presents a complete real time air situation picture and is capable of processing and merging data from different flight plan, radar and non radar sources, and features a comprehensive suite of controller safety aids and tools.

To EUROCONTROL Member States, the CIMACT software is available Free of Charge, but organisations within member States do have to purchase the system hardware to support their operational requirements. Thruput Limited is the approved equipment manufacturer for CIMACT and provides the hardware/software integration and architecture design for each site.

CIMACT equipment for the NATO CAI Programme, during Factory Acceptance Testing at Thruput, showing one of the 56″ screen displays for the Warsaw DCC.


The EUROCONTROL CIMACT project office is located at Maastricht UACC, where the operational Renegade Aircraft Detection system and a separate test, evaluation and training facility are deployed.

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