RADIX: Radar Data Processor

RADIX: Radar Data Processor

RADIX is a hardware based device which uses parallel assemblies of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and takes advantage of their inherent high speed logic processing to enable fixed functions to be carried out on streams of radar data.



Form factor 19” rack mount
Size (in rack) 1U high x 18 cm deep
Dimensions (overall) 482 x 220 (over handles) x 45 mm
Weight 2.1 Kg



Port # Function Interface
A Power supply A LEMO 12V / 5A
B Power supply B LEMO 12V / 5A
1 Status log RJ 45 LAN
2 Radar data input E1A / RS 232 / RS422
3 Radar data input RJ 45 LAN
4 Radar data output E1A / RS 232 / RS422
5 Radar data output RJ 45 LAN
6 Configuration port Mini USB


Release and General Information