Sentinel 4K x 2K Recorder

Sentinel 4K x 2K Recorder

Sentinel 4K x 2K  recorder uses Truepixel™ Technology to provide both the highest quality and highest speed video recording system available for any resolution, and capable of capturing Quad HD (3840 x 2160) systems. The system is fully operational with radar data, user input data and audio data recording systems, to provide a fully synchronised multi-channel replay and investigation facility.


Key features

  • (ATC) At-The-Glass Recording up to 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • True lossless recording, with continuous quality monitoring
  • Deterministic with typical compression in the range 3,000:1 and 5,000:1 frame to frame
  • Dual redundant LAN communications
  • Multi-redundant Power supply
  • Record any resolution, over 17 Gbit/s bandwidth
  • Time stamp on capture
  • Remote control via SNMP


  • True record of ‘what the Controller actually saw’.
  • Fully Independant.
  • No common failure modes with system being recorded
  • No impact on the system being recorded.
Data Sources 1 x DP1.2 or DVI dual link
2 x USB mini.
Networking 2 x RJ45 (dual redundant)

1000baseT Ethernet.


SNMP Management.
Power Supply options. Only one required. Dual power over Ethernet.
Dual power over USB.
5V external (offline use).
Physical Case: 12.7cm x 10.3 cm.
MTBF 191,000 hours (MIL HBK 217F).


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